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Formal Partnership creating a Community (______)

Unified Goal: ______________________________________


Proposed Date: ________________

Location: -------------------------

Procedure for Formation:


1.        Consensus on Unified Goal

2.        Selection of Officers

a.       Sar Responsible for execution of decisions

b.      Mazkir Responsible for  Records and Communications (Postmaster General)

c.       Gizbarim at least three (two for collections, three for approved distributions)

3.        Collection of Taxes (Club Membership Dues)

a.       Annual Tax: Two SM

b.      Membership Card SM

c.       Sarim representing other Communities (TBD)

d.  [note: Silver Maneh may be borrowed from the Otzar (400NIS deposit as of Tishri 5770)]

4.        Documentation of Partnership

a.       Open Pinkas HaKahal

                                                               i.      Mazkir records attendance (Maamad)

                                                             ii.      Mazkir enters record of Otzar in Pinkas HaKahal

1.       Gizbarim sign record

                                                            iii.      Mazkir enters text of Unified Goal in Pinkas HaKahal

b.      Documentation of Membership

                                                               i.      Officers - Power of Attorney (Yellow)

                                                             ii.      Everyone - Personal Responsibility (Blue)

                                                            iii.      Witnesses sign Documentation

                                                           iv.      Mazkir records Documents in Pinkas HaKahal

5.        Procedures

a.       For each Item on the Agenda

                                                               i.      Sar may delegate Chair

                                                             ii.      Sponsor presents Item and proposed Action (15 minutes if not otherwise announced in the published Agenda)

                                                            iii.      Two co-sponsors present Item and proposed Action (5 minutes each if not otherwise announced in the published Agenda)

                                                           iv.      Each Member is given 5 minutes each (if not otherwise announced in the published Agenda) for questions and/or responses

                                                             v.      Resolution for specific Action is Proposed and Seconded

                                                           vi.      Approval/Rejection/Tabling of Action detailed in Resolution

                                                          vii.      Mazkir records results in Pinkas HaKahal

b.      Structure of Meeting

                                                               i.      Convention and Roll Call

                                                             ii.      Old Business

                                                            iii.      New Business

                                                           iv.      Proposals to place Item on the Agenda

                                                             v.      Adjourn


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