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Guide to Establishing an Independent Treasury


1. Gather a minyan (quorum) including at least 10 adult males plus any number of additional men and women

2. Select a direct civil representative - a Captain of 10 ("C10") from among the assembled individuals. A member of the community must be 18 years of age in order to be eligible for the position of Sar Eser.

3. Execute a Power of Attorney (may be limited in scope)

4. Formally instruct the "C10" to gather a minyan of C10's

5. Select at least three treasurers

> two treasurers must be present for collections

> three treasurers must be present for disbursements

6. Collect Basic Community tax (half of a full-weight portion) 

The word Shekel means weight.

One Maneh weighs one common standard portion one Troy ounce.

The term Maneh is derived from the portion collected for the purpose of the counting

Annual "Tax" (Membership "Dues") paid as two  Silver Maneh Tziburi (half of a communal portion)  

> / or 600NIS 

which includes deposit 200NIS for membership card

(in the form of a 1/2 Silver Maneh Tziburi)

> taxes are held (in trust) by the treasurers, and may be requested for disbursal by the C10

> additional taxation for community expenses is subject to approval by the taxpayers

> taxpayers are entitled to vote 

7. Gather a minyan of C10s

8. Select three Community Elders from among the ten assembled C10s. 

9. These three Community Elders decide amongst themselves which one will be the C100; the other two are, by default, C50's. All three Community Elders, individually and concurrently, represent the same specific ten C10s. 

10. Execute a Power of Attorney for each of these three Elders 

11. Formally instruct the C100 to gather a minyan of C100s 

12. Formally instruct the three Elders to institute the local Community Council of Seven and the local community court of 23 Thirty Elders. 

13. Gather a minyan of C100s and elect a C1000. 

14. Execute a Power of Attorney for the C1000 

15. Formally instruct the C1000 to gather a minyan of C1000 (National Council) 

16. Gather all Elders (30 C50s, 10 of which are C100s, and one is also C1000) and convene the local court of 92 and the local council of 28, totaling 120. 

17. Establish independent Treasury for the Community of 1000 with an apportioned percentage of the basic tax. This percentage is fixed at 20% or 1 whole Silver Maneh per Minyan of 10. The total amount of half-shekels apportioned and disbursed to the Community Treasury by the 100 Sarei Eser of the participating minyanim will be a minimum of 100 Silver Maneh.

∆ Members may acquire additional Silver Maneh by leaving a deposit (400NIS/Silver Maneh) with the Treasury.

Silver Maneh may be used by "Local First" type "minyanim"



1.      Otzar Yerushalaim

a.       Issue Maneh (Gold, Silver, Copper)

                                                    i.     1 Maneh = 1 troy ounce

b.      Initially all coinage provided by Otzar Yerushalaim

c.        Silver Maneh (SM) borrowed for payment of Shekel taxes (deposit at Trade Value)

                                                    i.     1st  SM (zecher ladanim*) to local treasury

                                                   ii.     2nd  SM (zecher lkorban*) retained by individual for use in intra-tzibur trading

(+ additional SM :  )


d.      Current Trade Value of Silver Maneh = 400 NIS 

e.      Current Trade Value of Gold Maneh = 6000 NIS 

f.       Net profits used to manufacture additional coinage

2.       Otzar Kehillot Israel

d.      Individuals purchase Gold Maneh at cost plus

e.      Gold Maneh physically stored in secure facility in Israel

f.       Bearer Certificates of Deposit Issued

                                                    i.     Exchanged for Gold Maneh upon surrender to Otzar

d.      Gold Maneh may be redeemed in SM in Israel

3.       Independent City Otzar may be established by any valid City Council of 120 [(7+3*7)+(23+3*23)] or City Council of 23

1.               [ ]          

4.        Intra-Tzibur Trading

a.       Maneh are used as TOKENS for trade at Trade Value among members of a private club.

                                                    i.     TOKENS are borrowed by Members for use in Club-related activities.

                                             ii.     Note: since TOKENS are not purchased, there is no taxable transaction until the TOKEN is redeemed for goods and services.  Redemption of the TOKEN is then legally equivalent to the use of a Gift Certificate.

                                                 iii.     Members must evidence physical possession of SM in order to borrow TOKENS.

                                                 iv.     Members leave 400 NIS per SM deposit for a 30 day loan in SM.

                                                  v.     Members understand that, after 30 days, the deposit will be forfeited to the Club, and that the Club will use the NIS to acquire more TOKENS from the Otzar.

b.      Membership is evidenced by the possession of a Silver Token

c.       Minimum Annual Dues per individual Member = One Silver Maneh or 400 NIS

                                                    i.      SM paid to treasury of Minyan

                                                   ii.      SM paid (by Sar Eser) for tax to Independent City Otzar

                                                 iii.     Additional SM are retained by the Member as TOKENS


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